Can BBH turn YouTube fails into success for Alpen?

BBH is giving Alpen, Weetabix’s venerable muesli brand, a retread in a new campaign ‘It all started so well.’ Point being that the day looks positive and full of possibilities at breakfast time until reality takes over.

The two films are based on YouTube ‘fails,’ that growing catalogue of life’s embarrassing reverses.

Alpen was launched way back in 1971 when a Weetabix honcho discovered muesli in Switzerland. It’s now a £58m brand – bought by ten per cent of UK households it seems – but faced with a growing number of supposedly healthy breakfast alternatives.

Despite the youTube origins it’s refreshingly old-fashioned, even down to that earworm of the 1960s, Daydream Believer from the Monkees. The music publisher owning that is a lucky person.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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