BETC Paris produces another winner for Air France

Air France is launching Cinema to Go, celebrating its 36-year partnership with the Cannes Film Festival, by offering some its customers the opportunity to watch or finish watching their film from its Cannes Film Festival selection after their flight on tablet, smartphone or PC with a gift code.

The service is available on-board all longhaul flights in May with films including The Pianist (Palme d’Or 2002), Persepolis (Grand Prix 2007), The Artist (Best Male Actor Award 2011) and The Angels’ Share (Grand Prix 2012).

It begins on May 7 for two weeks on a selection of flights between Los Angeles and Paris, clearly targeting movie moguls.

A neat promotion then. Here’s the campaign from BETC Paris, drawing on its skill at combining live action with movie footage as it does for Canal+.

I’m sure BETC Paris is capable of a bad ad now and then but I haven’t seen one. Possibly because they don’t send them to me.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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