Telegraph Hill wins Green Room horror film launch

Telegraph Hill has been appointed by Picturehouse Entertainment and Altitude Film Distribution to the digital marketing of new horror film Green Room, starring Patrick Stewart of Star Trek fame. Stewart plays a neo-Nazi hunting a punk band.

Telegraph Hill, whose founders have a background in TV and other content distribution, has built a niche handling entertainment accounts. Its Green Room microsite includes a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ game which leaves the survivors with the option of buying tickets for the film.

Picturehouse Entertainment is one of the biggest players in the UK’s burgeoning independent cinemas sector.

Gabriel Swartland of Picturehouse Entertainment says: “Bringing a film such as Green Room to life is no easy feat, especially within someone’s own home. Telegraph Hill’s campaign not only puts our audience first but also allows them to interact and be a part of the film way before they enter the cinema.”

Telegraph Hill MD Garrett Keogh says: “Our insights revealed that horror fans want to get their pulses racing and crave adrenaline hits from moments of tension. Our campaign puts audiences right at the heart of this tension, putting them in control of the story. This will make them feel that they’re a part of the film, coming away with every reason to buy a ticket to watch Green Room at cinemas across the UK.”

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