Print craft plays key role in Coke’s ‘Taste the Feeling’

We’ve praised Coca-Cola’s new global ad campaign ‘Taste the Feeling’ – produced by a veritable gaggle of ad agencies – and been roundly derided by some for lauding cheesiness.

But that’s Coke isn’t it?

One of the interesting things about the campaign is the print component, one that makes it pleasingly old style. The pictures are shot by Guy Aroch and Nacho Ricci (separately I assume) and have been described by Coke as “Norman Rockwell meets Instagram.”

It does actually make sense although it’s interesting that everything these days has to have a digital reference in it, almost as justification.

Here’s one print ad.

Nothing to write home about – but OK.

Here’s another which is absolutely brilliant. Quite naughty for Coke, with wit and craft.

MAA creative scale (the bottom one): 9.

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