101 continues winning streak with Dunelm appointment

Independent London agency 101 has struck a rich vein of new business form, adding leading UK out of town homewares retailer Dunelm to the Heineken assignment it won two weeks ago and Britvic’s Drench and R. White’s lemonade it won in January.

Dunelm, founded by Bill and Jean Adderley, has grown from a Leicester market stall to a national network of 150 superstores stocking 20,000 homeware lines in under 40 years. This is its first major agency appointment, in the past it used the MWO agency.


Dunelm marketing director Leonie Foster says: “We’re moving into a really exciting time for the Dunelm brand, and I’m thrilled to have 101 as a partner. They really got to grips with our business and found our tone of voice.”

101 founding partner Phil Rumbol: “Dunelm is a great business. There’s a real opportunity to build the brand.”

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