Lucky Generals’ Pot Noodles campaign spawns music channel with ‘Winner’ from Raylo

Who’d ‘a thought it? Pot Noodles are becoming cool.

Unilever’s archetypal convenience food for slackers has been running a campaign through Lucky Generals called ‘You Can Make It,’ showing the achievements of some unlikely heroes.

The backing track on this one, ‘Winner,’ is by a new rapper called Raylo.

Such has been the interest in Raylo’s efforts that he/they have been signed by Ultra Records and Unilever, with help from the agency and Big Sync Music, is giving it all the heft at its disposal to open a ‘new channel’ for Pot Noodles. Here’s the music video, also featuring a rather winning and surprising sign language female rapper.

Pot Noodle brand manager Lena Portchmouth says: “Building off the success of Pot Noodle’s ‘You can make It’ campaign, this music video is not only relevant to Pot Noodle’s target audience, it also allows us to create fantastic content in channels we know they engage with.”

Big Sync music supervisor Lawrence Millar says: “When integrating an artist and brand collaboration, synchronicity is the key to success, and Pot Noodle, Lucky Generals and record label Ultra Music have embraced this concept wholeheartedly. By incorporating the song from the TV ad into their wider marketing and messaging, and then fully supporting the commercial release in partnership with the artist and label, it gives Raylo the ultimate platform to launch and the best possible opportunity to break through.”

Well we’ll see. But it’s a nifty collaboration and the way of the world these days.

If The Beatles were starting out now the darling mop tops would doubtless be sponsored by Wella or somebody.

Wonder if the ever-ingenious Generals will be rewarded with more Unilever brands?

MAA creative scale: 7.

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