Ogilvy Sydney shows true burger love for KFC

Not sure what Jamie Oliver would make of this one. The ubiquitous cook/entrepreneur has just been berating the UK ad industry for not getting behind efforts to curb obesity – at least that’s what I assume he said, it’s hard to judge from some of the garbled reports – but here, in a new campaign from Ogilvy Sydney, is a building worker rewarding himself with a bloody great KFC burger after he’s rescued a dog (we paraphrase).

So will it save the world – as we’re supposed to these days. Er, no – maybe a dog or two.

As an ad….it uses every mendacious trick known to today’s ad business including that adam&eve trick of putting a classic tune in the mouth of a winsome female warbler.

I quite like it. MAA creative scale: 7.

Will Mr Oliver succeed in his quest? I was in a quite posh provincial hotel recently and some spectacularly obese guests (female as it happened) visited the breakfast buffet time and time again, ending up with pains au chocolat for dessert. Quite put me off my black pudding. So a way to go Jamie.

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