Mobil 1 salutes McLaren tie-up with not-so-speedy Jenson

It’s a funny old business that Formula 1. All season we’ve had McLaren Honda bringing up the rear and poor driver Jenson Button plodding back to the pits.

But Jenson doesn’t seem short of work: he’s been retained for next year and is rumoured to be playing a big role in post-Clarkson Top Gear (to give viewers a rest from Chris Evans no doubt). And here he is zooming away in an online campaign by AMV BBDO for Exxon’s Mobil 1 engine oil, used by McLaren Honda.

Apparently the team’s performance is all down to fine details and precision, as instanced in its choice of motor oil.

Given said performance I’d have kept quiet but these big companies seem determined to get their dollar’s worth, despite a fairly clear risk of mockery.

The film’s actually pretty good – but, really, chaps.

MAA creative scale: 6.

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