Best ads of 2015: ‘France is in the air’ from BETC Paris and FCB Inferno’s teacher recruitment

If we were to award a Campaign of the Year gong ‘France is in the air’ for Air France from BETC Paris would be a strong contender.

Packed full of ‘ooh-la-la’ it gives Air France a point of difference – you can’t imagine this getting by alpha males like BA’s Willie Walsh or Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary – and makes travelling look fun rather than an ordeal.

And an on-board safety video with attitude.

While we’re on the subject whatever happened to BA advertising? They do something big every three or four years and then just forget about it – weird.

There’s been a marked lack of magic in UK agencies’ output in 2015 (in sharp contrast to Air France), maybe it’s the so-called ‘content’ boom with a return to, almost, ‘infomercials.’

No-one’s better at these than FCB Inferno and this ad for the Government’s National College of Teaching and Leadership (part of the Department of Education) is a good example: tell a good story simply and effectively. Fancy stuff wouldn’t have worked so well.

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