Who’s the best at Christmas 2015 – Asda or Lidl?

We’ve had much here recently about ads lacking a convincing proposition so it’s good of Asda to underline the point with its new Christmas campaign from VCCP. In which ‘#Becauseitschristmas’ is the excuse for much pointless merriment.

Asda still seems to think that tapping your rear end – signifying saving money – resonates with the public.

It doesn’t seem to when your customers are deserting to Lidl, which entertains us with its ‘School of Christmas’ from TBWA.

Seems that this year’s Christmas marketing message is ‘get your retaliation in first’ with lots of biggies on the way in early November, including, it seems, John Lewis.

Asda: MAA creative scale: 3.

Lidl: MAA creative scale: 7.

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