GAME brings back 101’s ‘Christmas Shopper Simulator’ for Black Friday push

Did John Lewis’ Monty the Penguin effort last Christmas cost £6.9m to make? It made JL even more famous, sold some penguins and racked up 24m YouTube hits in the process – so money well spent, presumably.

The big number comes from cheeky London agency 101 which says its Christmas Shopper Simulator game for back-from-the-dead retailer GAME cost just £80,000 to make and racked up 36m YouTubes last year by targeting just gamers. So this year, to coincide with ‘Black Friday’ again (November 27 next week) it’s produced Christmas Shopper Simulator 2, so the horrors of Black Friday can be enjoyed by anyone at home.

The release will be supported by a partnership with Twitch (whatever that may be) including a 30-second trailer and pre-roll videos (below), as well as live gameplay streaming and social activity. Download here.


GAME insight and marketing director Fred Prego says: “We wanted to say thank you to our gaming community. Black Friday comes along but once a year. Now, gamers can enjoy it every day.”

101 partner and creative director Mark Elwood says: “We’re always thinking, ‘what would gamers like’. Judging by the results, last year they wanted a game about shopping. So this year we’re giving them the sequel, now dialed up to Black Friday levels.”

This is rather uncharted territory for your correspondent but seems jolly ingenious.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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