Chambord from W+K shows why the best digital campaigns are really ads by another name

As we put the finishing touches to our choice of UK agency of the Year I see that Wieden+Kennedy won digital agency of the year at the Campaign Big Awards and also Shots’ agency of the year (presumably honouring film craft skills).

It’s always difficult with digital. How, for example, do you show that one website is especially good/better than the others? So the ‘digital’ that gets noticed is, usually, an ad campaign in a slightly different format, running on free digital media.

One such from W+K is Chambord, a black and red raspberry, vanilla and cognac confection, owned by Southern Comfort maker Brown-Forman. The internet is awash with ‘how to’ films so Chambord is joining in with some festive cocktails.

Chambord, which was first sampled by Louis X1V at the Chateau de Chambord, uses the tagline (hashtag line? Hash line?) #BecauseNoReason, calling itself the “champion of doing what you like,” which seems pretty reasonable – and very Louis.

Here’s an alternative to an incinerated Christmas lunch.

The others are here.

So a very good piece of digital, with appropriate ooh-la-la. MAA creative scale: 7.5.

But it’s an ad campaign really, isn’t it?

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