Argos and CHI set out to be different by running their own race at Christmas

Argos is a pretty odd kind of high street retailer, you place your order in the store or online and they find the product for you then or later.

In a way it’s what a lot of such retailers would like to do as it dispenses, to a point, with people. But it means that when you’re promoting Argos you don’t have loveable, friendly staff to fall back on (whether or not they exist in real life).

Agency CHI is rather fond of big, outdoor productions – most notably for Lexus – and here it’s enlisted Canadian snowboarder Justin Lamoureux to kick off a race for Christmas among 50 ski-ing and snowboarding pros, clutching Argos goodies.

Argos marketing Ddirector Stephen Vowles says: “‘Just Can’t Wait for Christmas’ is for all those shoppers seeking a fast and super-convenient way to get those most-wanted gifts from top brands like Samsung, Fitbit and Lego. It’s a great demonstration of how, at Argos, we’ll get you all of your most-wanted products quicker than anyone else can thanks to our unique new Fast Track collection and delivery services.

“We wanted to create a Christmas experience which would provide a breath – or a gulp – of fresh air, in amongst all of the usual cuddly animals, love songs and sentimentalism; and which heralds the most 21st century way to shop – online combined with immediate fulfilment through delivery or store.”

This does what the marketing director wants (often a sensible strategy although not always). And it will stand out from the rather strange mix of cuddles and angst that seems to be defining this year’s UK Christmas offerings. So points for that.

MAa creative scale: 8.

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