CHI unveils a ‘Singing Bard’ for British Gas gadget Hive – but not just yet

Hive Active Heating is British Gas’ remote control gadget operated from a mobile or computer that lets you turn heating up or down, on or off. So no more anguished conversations in the airport car park wondering if someone left the heating on.

The new version features new features including, as above, ‘holiday mode’ and British Gas is bringing back its ‘Fantastical World’ campaign by CHI, this time featuring a new singing ‘bard.’

British Gas Connected Homes head of marketing Emma Inston says: “The new campaign marks an exciting point in the evolution of the Hive brand. With Hive Active Heating 2 now on shelves, and a family of complementary connected home products on their way, the timing was right for a brand new creative which goes beyond brand awareness and focuses firmly on the tangible benefits delivered by our products.”

CHI CEO Sarah Golding says: “Hive’s launch campaign caught people’s attention and got them talking, and we expect the Bard to do the same. The Singing Bard creative represents a brand which is growing up, and highlights Hive’s range of exciting products that help people stay in control of their homes.”

Here’s designer Yves Behar showing how it all works.

The ‘Singing Bard’ himself is embargoed until the ad breaks on TV on Sunday, which is pretty daft. This is what he looks like.

CHI seems to have developed a penchant for singing this that and the other, as in its recent campaign for Travelodge. Are they morphing into the Allen Brady & Marsh de nos jours?

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