Adam&eve debuts for Waitrose with pre-winter warmer

Adam&eveDDB won the Waitrose account in a shoot-out against CHI earlier this year, adding it to Waitrose big brother John Lewis.

John Lewis remains A&E’s signature account so people might have expected more of the same, but for Waitrose.

A&E’s debut campaign, though, strikes a chirpier note with a pleasingly retro music track hymning the joys of autumn, the ‘warmest season’ it seems, in the food stakes anyway.

The agency reckons this is a return to ‘proper food values.’ It’s not dissimilar to what Wieden+Kennedy seemed to be trying to achieve for Tesco, except a series of Tesco management changes put the kybosh on that one.

Warm and likeable – A&E gets real texture into its films.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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