WPP goes non-nude with new Thai acquisition

I see that WPP has agreed to buy interesting-sounding Thai agency nudeJEH. Nude will be rolled into Grey but, disappointingly, the merged agency will be called GREYnJ United. Hardly trips off the tongue does it (maybe it does in Thai) so nude gets the elbow.

iq43135fe3bc4f61c657d0075e91f25059NudeJEH was formed in 2011 through the merger of Nude Communications and JEH United. Clients include Ananda Development, Bangkok Airways, Bangkok Dusit Medical Services, Bio Consumer, Tesco Lotus and Puriku.

Grey nude (or nudeGrey, as they’d say these days) would surely be better. Such a name didn’t seem to do Naked any harm, in the early days anyway. Maybe the cheeky name attracted the aforementioned clients.

And we could have had the enticing prospect of a WPP Nude network – spoilsports.

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