Matthew Wyne: how advertising nurtures creative talent

All of a sudden it’s talent, talent, talent. Well it’s nice to know that there’s a future for people, at least until Artificial Intelligence takes over completely. Looking at some ads you might think it’s happening already..

Yesterday Michael Lee described the new focus on talent in the US and now the even more famous Sir Martin Sorrell has added his two-pennorth, speaking at the Dmexco digital marketing conference.

Talent will be “the defining competitive dynamic” he says, observing, among other things, that immigrants are a key source of such, particularly for countries like Germany faced with declining birth rates.

Also on the talent front, VCCP founder and former IPA president Ian Priest is joining recruitment outfit Grace Blue as global CEO.

But you can’t just access talent, you have to inspire it. Not least by persuading young people to join a particular business.

One person doing his bit is Matthew Wyne (below) the founder of Wyne Enterprises in San Francisco which describes itself as a ‘type-focussed design studio,’ one which seems to thrive even in the digital age.

Let Matthew take up the story:

It was 4:00 in the afternoon and I was so tired that Alex Bogusky called me out in a meeting, asking why I was staring at him with such a pissed off expression. If my brain had been functioning, I would have explained the effect that sleep deprivation has on resting facial muscles, but I just mumbled “sorry” and tried to hide my embarrassment.

The ad industry can be tough, and building a career you love takes a lot of time and work. But I think it also requires something else: a clear understanding of your values, your passions, and the legacy you want to leave. I recently gave a talk at the Creative Circus, a portfolio school in Atlanta Georgia, leading the students through the lessons I have learned in my career and then an exercise to help guide them as they create theirs.

Through doing these exercises, over and over and over, I realized that I loved typography and that I wanted to leave a legacy of beauty, clarity and humanity. Working in the ad industry gave me the structure and the skills I needed to make that happen. Today, I’m a freelance type and lettering designer who tries to help other creatives find fulfillment in their career. Whatever your dream is, I hope this talk can help you out along your way.”

Why Advertising? from Matthew Wyne on Vimeo.

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