John Hegarty and Richard Curtis team up to push United Nations’ ‘Global Goals’

The United Nations, increasingly viewed as a useless talking shop, is launching a set of ‘Global Goals’ to try to tackle poverty, injustice and climate change.

And, pressed into service to promote these, is the star creative team of BBH founder Sir John Hegarty and ‘Four Weddings’ writer Richard Curtis.

This is a teaser for what’s being billed as the ‘first global cinema ad,’#WEHAVEAPLAN TELL EVERYONE, launching on September 25 and the result of a collaboration between cinema advertising company SAWA and Curtis. Hegarty is the creative lead on the project which also features voiceovers by Michelle Rodriguez and Liam Neeson and music from Peter Gabriel. The animation is by Aardman.

Actually the UN probably takes too much stick. Originally formed to mediate between great powers the US and Soviet Union, then to give the developing post-colonial world a voice, it hasn’t done such a bad job. Think what might have happened without such a forum.

Hegarty and Curtis’ wheeze of making nations take the form of animals is clever; a simple and effective device to demonstrate how different all these nations are. And what a triumph any form of agreement is.

Let’s hope they agree on their global goals.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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