Dove challenges Always with ‘self-esteem project’

Dove US is now calling its activities a “self-esteem” project and its latest campaign, from ‘creative content’ agency Evidently, rather than ‘Real Beauty’ originator Ogilvy, features young girls who want to change one thing about themselves.

Dove suggests they don’t need to and Evidently makes the point by showing one girl wanting what another doesn’t and vice versa.

There’s also a programme on Pinterest featuring shareable self-esteem materials, whatever they may be. This is Always #LikeAGirl territory, rival Procter & Gamble’s tilt at the greater good.

Does it matter if pre-teenies want to change something about themselves? They’d be a pretty unbearable lot if they didn’t.

Is this a suitable task for a cosmetic brand?

Deep waters Watson..

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