BBH’s Zag to market London Fashion Week to the world

BBH is one of Soho’s more distinguished residents, an oasis of calm and reason in what is still a pretty lively place despite its recent gentrification. We now have hedge funds infesting Golden Square – ouch. Soho is also a big fashion centre these days.

And creativity generally of course. So the agency’s brand agency Zag is a suitable partner for London Fashion Week, beginning on September 18 along with the rather contrasting Rugby World Cup, also a source of business for the agency. Zag says its brief is to develop a core brand identity to help turn LFW into the UK’s “leading cultural event.”

It will also produce digital content and other approrpriately fashionable communications, like this launch film featuring “performance poet” Harry Baker

How do you sum up Soho? It means so many different things to different people (including fashionistas) but this is a reasonable stab at it.

MAa creative scale: 7.

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