Animl rolls out Persil’s global #FirstDayOfSchool

A creative was telling me the other day how, these days, it’s not about what you sell but what you are. Presumably, in consequence, people will buy from you if they like you/think you’re good. If they don’t they won’t (selling stuff remaining one of the annoying facts of commercial life, even in the social media age).

Unilever, under CEO Paul Pohlman, has taken the lead in all this (Dove etc) and Persil (aka OMO in various places) is also doing its bit, teaming with UNICEF to bring education to ten million children.

Here we are in the favela with #FirstDayOfSchool, a new global campaign by specialist good works agency Animl.

How do you judge this and others like it? Hope they’re sweet rather than sickly perhaps.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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