Surely Ribena and JWT can do better than ‘Ribenary?’

Tesco boss ‘Drastic’ Dave Lewis knows what’s good for us so the supermarket is delisting full sugar Ribena along with other offending sugary fruit drinks. As far as i know you will still be able to buy Coke.

So Ribena, now owned by Suntory, is running its first campaign through JWT London, apparently positioning the drink at ‘pre-family’ adults as opposed to kids. Makes sense I suppose. But why don’t they just take the sugar out?

As ever with JWT – which used to own the so-called British Market Research Bureau back in the day – there’s a researcher-cum-planner involved and this person or persons has come to the conclusion that ‘Ribenary’ sums up the essence of this suddenly controversial potion.

Shouldn’t they have been politely asked to go away and think a bit?

Cutesy animation can work, of course, but often it is, indeed, a substitute for thought.

MAA creative scale: 2.

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