Cut the hero worship says Adidas in new campaign – with lots of shots of Leo Messi

Adidas and its new agency 72andSunny want fans to stop agonising about emulating their heroes – one Lionel Messi in this case, surprise, surprise – and be themselves. So it’s cobbled together an ad from online footage featuring endless shots of one…Lionel Messi.

Wearing a truly horrible DJ in one shot and described as the ‘best ever’ too, which we might debate.

Actually it’s not that bad and quite brave, in principle anyway, for Adidas to say sport isn’t all about their stars. But when you’re paying characters like not-so-young-any-more Leo zillions it’s pretty difficult to see through.

Like the client saying saying, instead of “make the logo bigger,” “but where’s Leo?”

MAA creative scale: 4.

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