Sir Martin Sorrell keeping up with the Kardashians

Here’s the most famous person in the world talking to Kim Kardashian – sorry, here’s social media queen Kim Kardashian talking to Sir Martin Sorrell.

This little gem, one of a seemingly endless succession of conversations between SMS and various luminaries at the recent Cannes Lions, comes courtesy of The Drum. Where does the man get the energy? Are there several Sir Martins, ones we don’t know about?

As for Ms Kardashian she truly is a phenomenon, famous primarily for being famous – and her bottom (not on display here, alas) and her husband – but she looks and sounds well enough on it.

If Sorrell ever tires of doing battle with his ungrateful shareholders over his earnings – and those clients still able to spurn WPP’s blandishments – a career as a talk show host beckons. As he reminds us in the interview.

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