Is this new Brothers and Sisters ad for Sky’s Premier League the best football ad so far?

There’ve been a lot of them, of course, most notably Nike’s World Cup ‘ambush’ extravaganzas. But football ads have become much of a muchness, Ronaldo and chums whacking them in from all angles with the help of lots of CGI.

But this new one for Sky, plugging its forthcoming coverage of the Premier League (the only big sporting property it has left apart from cricket), is outstanding. They’ve even managed to animate (in all respects) Sky’s expensive new pundit Thierry Henry.

Creatives were Indy Selvarajah ans Harv Bains, it was directed by Scott Lyon for Outsider with post production by Electric Theatre Archive. The client (first time we’ve credited one of those) is Sky’s Nick Hands.

Raises the bar for footie ads.

MAA creative scale: 9.25 (best so far).

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