Sir Martin Sorrell and WPP get down with Alex da Kid

Maybe it’s the sun, maybe it’s the rosé, maybe it’s the combination of the two. Cannes certainly seems to unveil hitherto unsuspected aspects of both people and corporations.

WPP has taken the opportunity of the festival to announce a new partnership with north London music producer Alex da Kid, not the kind of chap usually found visiting its understated HQ in Mayfair’s Farm Street.

Alex (below), who has produced Dr Dre, Nicki Minaj and Eminem among others, is the guiding light behind the KIDinaKORNER record label, part of Interscope. Now he’s joined forces with Sir Martin Sorrell’s advertising behemoth to form KidinaKORNERCreate, a joint venture which says it will “bring music to the forefront of marketing.”

Alex says: “Music is extremely powerful and plays a very important role in people’s lives, connecting them to a moment that is uniquely personal. Unfortunately, it can often be the last thing to get attention when programs are being planned. KidinaKORNERCreate offers a new model, bringing music to the forefront of every level of the creative process; planning, strategy and execution. This approach will create more substantial and meaningful engagement with the audience.”

He obviously gets this advertising lark.

WPP CEO Sorrell says: “Yo, man.”

Actually he doesn’t, he says: “Alex is not only a hugely successful producer, but a genuine innovator. The ability to offer clients fresh approaches in the world of branding and content is becoming increasingly important, so we couldn’t be more pleased to announce this exciting new partnership.”

The new business will be based in LA. WPP has also invested in ‘content’ businesses Refinery29, China Media Capital, Fullscreen, Indigenous Media, Imagina, Media Rights Capital, Bruin Sports Capital, The Weinstein Company and VICE.

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