Now Grey has a shot at caring, sharing HSBC

HSBC is threatening to move its HQ from the UK (back to its original base in Hong Kong), culling 25000 or so jobs and generally making life difficult for that nice George Osborne.

But it would like us to think (sorry, know) that it’s nice really and on our side, especially if we’re in business. “It’s never just business if it’s your business” opines the latest campaign from Grey London.

They could have stayed at home really, if they could decide where it is.

We thought HSBC was handled by J. Walter Thompson (also owned by WPP of course).

Grey seems to have become the default option for WPP with big clients. It was reported recently that it was helping out RKCR/Y&R on Marks & Spencer’s next Christmas campaign.

It’s a nice enough film and a bit different but the same old banking tosh underneath.

MAA creative scale: 4.

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