Dawson Pickering wins Swoon Editions furniture

Dawson Pickering, which has made quite a splash in London’s adland since senior creatives Neil Dawson and Clive Pickering quit BETC London, has won Swoon Editions, an upscale online furniture retailer. Dawson Pickering has already won work from former BETC client Diet Coke, among others.

Dawson says:“We are delighted to be working with Swoon. It is an amazing business. The beautifully hand-crafted furniture they sell at a fraction of the price you’d expect to pay is down to a really smart business model. That combined with a really energetic team makes them ideal partners for us. We are going to have the most stylish offices in London.”

Swoon co-founder Debbie Williamson says: “ We were attracted to Dawson Pickering because of their history of creating rich, emotional ideas for brands. Our business has come a very long way in short space of time and the time is now right to elevate the brand.”

Dawson Pickering’s first piece of work for Swoon was a tactical ad post during the recent General Election (below) offering David Cameron advice on putting together a beautifully crafted cabinet.

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