W+K brings Iceland to the UK for Arla’s Skyr

Wasn’t there once a big supermarket yogurt brand called Ski? Maybe there still is..

Anyway there’s a new contender -Skyr from Arla Foods – hailing from Iceland, whence, it seems, it’s been powering the hardy locals for 1000 years.

It might even be true. Wieden+Kennedy London would have us believe it is, in its launch campaign for Skyr.

TV campaigns (plus all their online bits, this campaign includes three documentary-style ‘Skyr Guides’) are pouring out of W+K at the moment. It’ll soon be time for its annual YouTube blockbuster for Three. That will be doubly interesting as, presumably, the agency will be up against O2 agency VCCP (‘Be more dog’ etc) in due course as Three buys 02 in the wake of BT buying EE.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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