Virgin Money challenges the big banks with – a pigeon

“There’s money – and there’s Virgin Money” says challenger bank Virgin Money in a new multimedia campaign from The&Partnership’s m/SIX media agency. Didn’t Marks & Spencer say that about its food?

Which rather begs the question: why is Virgin Money’s money better than anyone else’s?

But you can see what they’re up to. Nobody likes the big established banks in the UK despite their desperate attempts to shows us how touchy-feely and ‘caring’ they are. So you sign up the estimable Andy McLeod of Rattling Stick to show us a pigeon dealing with life’s vicissitudes.

It’s certainly brave. The proof of the pudding will be if Virgin Money grows its market share. Which won’t be easy as the bank, which bought most of the assets of failed Northern Rock at a knockdown price, is a cautious lender.

So an interim judgement: MAA creative scale 7.

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