Green Party lands well-aimed blow on election rivals with ‘boy band’ party political

The UK’s Green Party has a bit of ground to make up following some disastrous public performances by leader Natalie Bennett – not helped by her Aussie accent, although she’s lived in Britain for 15 years or so.

It’s safe to say that Natalie won’t be forming a coalition with anyone after May 6 (the Greens have just one MP at the moment and it’s not her) but, although they’ve slipped in the polls, they can still expect a reasonable vote. And Greens do play a part in coalitions in other European countries, of course.

But the party’s message is anti-coalition and agency Creature London brings it to the fore in this rather clever ‘boy band’ party political (although it’s been much derided by the UK’s predominantly right wing press, surprise, surprise).

it’s different and lands a well-aimed blow on the white men in suits who still dominate the UK’s political landscape, with more than 600,000 YouTube views so far.

MAA creative scale: 7

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