BBDO targets same sex marriages in Wells Fargo debut

Wells Fargo is the second-biggest US retail bank by branches – don’t think it guards stagecoaches any longer but you never know – and, like many of its peers, is trying to position itself on the side of the angels. A pretty tall order for banks but hope springs eternal.

This time it’s same sex marriage in the frame as two prospective ‘mommies’ learn sign language to prepare for adopting a deaf girl. It’s part of a nine ads campaign from new agency BBDO.

Moral of the tale? You’ve got to prepare for when ‘two become three’ and “Together We’ll Go Far.’

An old message in modish new clothes then. But astutely executed all the same. BBH pulled off the same trick for KFC a while ago with an ad featuring fostering (rather brainlessly hammered in the Guardian a couple of weeks ago, a BBH client of course).

This isn’t as good as that but you can see why BBDO is the preferred home of many of the world’s biggest brands. The Wells Fargo board can luxuriate in the warmth of their liberality and the marketing department can breathe a sigh of relief.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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