Mother launches Cancer Research UK’s ‘Pink Army’

Women seems to be on the march more than ever these days (when do they find time to do the ironing?), what with International Women’s Day coming up and Cancer Research UK’s ‘Race For Life’ programme of 300 or so runs across the UK for women.

Mother has been enlisted to help out and, being Mother, you expect some pyrotechnics. This time it’s a ‘Braveheart’ style ‘Pink Army.’

MAA creative scale: 6.5

One small quibble. Cancer Research, which has been around for yonks, says “help us beat cancer sooner,” which fits well enough with all this positivity. And the charity raises £50m or so through these events and other activities.

But cancer, of course, is still with us with few signs it’s going away. “Help us beat cancer sooner” suggests it’s a done deal, just a matter of when. But is it?

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