CP+B founder Alex Bogusky returns to adland with new ‘social impact’ agency Fearless

2011-08-30-Alex_Bogusky_bw-thumbUS advertising poster boy Alex Bogusky (left), formerly the Bogusky in Crispin Porter+Bogusky, is launching a new ‘social impact’ agency called Fearless in partnership with the Disney/Univision cable TV outfit Fusion.

The agency aims to help “socially-minded corporations, foundations and non-profits develop 360 degree campaigns while providing the added value of a built-in millennial audience through Fusion’s television, social and digital platforms.” Former CP+B execs Dagny Scott and Leslie Freeman are also joining.

Dunno what my friend Jerry Judge, who runs Fearless Group in New York, thinks about this but no doubt we’ll find out.

Bogusky has tried various socially-minded ventures since leaving CP+B including incubator Boomtown. Bogusky is undoubtedly talented and may well make another big impact now that he’s back on the agency stage, especially with media owner backing.

But there is a feeling in some quarters that he’d grown rather too big for his boots.

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