Barclays and the Premier League try to show their giving side in new TV campaign

Alan Shearer isn’t biggest fan of owner Mike Ashley’s Newcastle United these days – not an uncommon position it seems – but he’s been prevailed upon to revisit his home town club for Barclays’ ‘Spirit of the Game’ promotion.

This involves the bank, sponsor of the Premier League’ giving aways “thousands of tickets” to young fans. Who, presumably, can’t afford the astronomical ticket prices which (along with booming TV revenue of course) stuff the pay packets of Newcastle’s under-performing players.

Barclays has its own image problems at the moment, with financial regulators around the world hammering it with huge fines over various trading misdemeanours.

Does sponsoring the Premier League help?

By BBH and Havas Sports and Entertainment it seems. Did it really take two of them?

MAA creative scale: 4.

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