Albion launches ‘Dons of Tequila’ for Jose Cuervo

London agency Albion, now part of MDC’s KBS group, is trying to reposition Jose Cuervo tequila as more than just a rocket-powered shot so it’s produced an array of trade-focussed communications on the theme of ‘Dons of Tequila,’ experts from a heroic mould.

As in this online film, recalling an extended shoot-out in 1873 between a villainous bandido and his gang (nothing much changes south of the border, in some respects anyway) and the heroic workers of Jose Cuervo in the town of Tequila.

The core of the campaign is a competition inviting bartenders across the world to become the next ‘Don,’ harvesting their own crop of agave in Tequila on the JC estate to create their own blend, to be named after the winner.

All very ingenious and very Albion.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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