101 produces a life-changer for Scottish Widows

Financial services, pensions in particular, are in the midst of a right old shake-up in the UK (not before time) so the providers of same – in this case Lloyds Bank’s life company Scottish Widows – are having to put their thinking caps on.

For years Scottish Widows just showed us a personable Scottish widow and that, they thought, did the job.

She’s still here but agency 101 has come up with something rather more ambitious – “Change Your Life in an Hour,’ – which, presumably, is the amount of time it takes to sign up with Scottish Widows or navigate the various propositions on this theme on the company’s website.

Headlining all this are two films: Sally, about a channel swimmer of mature years:

And Dido, the horse whisperer:

Could have been awfully preachy but it isn’t. London agency 101 seems to be hitting its stride after a slowish start.

MAA creative scale: 8

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