Top car brands shun Super Bowl – some of them anyway

Super Bowl ad fever is revving up (sorry) but not in the car market, it seems, with only a handful of brands so far committed – and nothing from usual participants Ford and Audi. Well it is $4.5m a 30-second spot.

The estimable Brand Channel has done us all a favour (me anyway) by rounding up the ones to go public so far, they’re here. Mercedes looks like it might be fun with a hare and tortoise race, fronted by Jerry Rice and Playboy model Stephanie Branton.

Janet-Jacksons-exposed-right-breast-with-metallic-pasty-protecting-her-nipple-from-shame-300x225The game is on Sunday February 1 with half-time entertainment from Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz. Will the curvaceous Ms Perry suffer a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ as Janet Jackson (left) famously did a few years ago? No doubt her PR team are mulling it over even as we write.

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