Paul Weiland’s Contagious London takes Kingsmill family to university

Contagious London has been plugging away for Kingsmill for quite a while now, via an old-fashioned family, the kind of people you used to see in ads all the time.

Now daughter’s gone to university but mum’s no longer around. No idea what happened to the poor woman but that’s life I suppose.

Contagious ECD Paul Weiland, who also directed the ad as they do at Contagious, says: “We’ve been on quite the journey with Kingsmill over the years. As the campaign has grown so have the kids and it felt that it was right time to take some new steps. Personally, I’ve dropped three children off at university so far and I can tell you it’s not easy. Emotionally, I think this will resonate with a lot of parents all over the country.”

Beautifully done. MAA creative scale:7 (OK, 7.25).

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