Patek Philippe goes global in new Leagas Delaney interactive campaign

Read somewhere that one per cent of the world’s population own 99 per cent of the wealth, or something like that. The lucky one percenters probably own a Patek Philippe – except they don’t of course, they merely look after it for the next generation.

Such is Leagas Delaney’s long-running theme for the posh Swiss watch brand, undoubtedly the best campaign in the market (decent competition’s a bit thin on the ground, mind).

Now the agency is going global with this film that shows one percenters in (mostly) points East.

The version on the website lets you switch between London, Geneva, New York, Shanghai and Tokyo and different time zones.

All very clever although somewhat airbrushed. But you wouldn’t have someone in a beenie jumping put of the bushes, would you?

MAA creative scale: 6. Oh go on then, 6.5 for ambition.

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