New St John Ambulance ‘Chokeables’ campaign from BBH saves seven lives

BBH’s new campaign for charity St John Ambulance, ‘The Chokeables,’ has been credited with saving seven young lives in the ten days since its release online. The film, which demonstrates how to save a choking baby, has been viewed by more than four million people across Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Mother of two Tiffany Sims from Bury St Edmunds saved a little boy in a café after seeing the ad on Facebook. She says: “When we realised what was happening, the little boy was bright purple and very distressed.

“We all panicked, but I’d seen the St John Ambulance advert, The Chokeables, on Facebook just a couple of days before and I remembered what to do. I gave the baby backslaps and cleared his airway quickly. It was very scary and upsetting, but I’m so glad I knew what to do.”

Media planning and buying for the campaign was by John Ayling & Associates, helmed by that new media maven John Ayling to this day. Should be worth an award entry or two.

The important award, of course, being those seven lives.

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