BBH offers hair rescue to Aussies in new Lynx campaign

BBH is back in the lists for Unilever’s Axe/Lynx Hair (make your mind up guys) with a new campaign, breaking in Australia.

The Kingly Street collective, still smarting from a rough old 2014 with Johnnie Walker walking to Anomaly and a lack of awards, is still on the case with this ad for Lynx in Australia, helping men with thinning hair to be, er, hairy or something..

Thought Aussies were too butch to worry about these matters.

Does the job, ticks all the boxes, with a bit of style.

But we really need more ‘Fallen Angels (I know the ad below isn’t for a hair care product). But maybe the client doesn’t buy that any more.

On the MAA creative scale, which I’ve just invented, 6.5.

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