Adidas shoots itself in the Superstars in new Johannes Leonardo campaign

Adidas seems to have been playing catch-up with Nike in terms of marketing ever since Nike came on the scene in 1971. Then Nike discovered Wieden+Kennedy in the 1980s and the rest is highly profitable history.

Adidas, in contrast, has flitted here and there and latest one up is WPP’s New York-based ‘hotshop’ Johannes Leonardo. Its new campaign attampts to position Adidas Originals as a fashion brand, more particularly its Superstar sneakers which are, apparently, synonymous with the rise of hip-hop.

So we have Pharrell Williams, David Beckham, Rita Ora and NBA player Damian Lillard musing on the nature of superstardom.

And pretty pointless musings they are too. Superstardom is all about ‘yourself’ apparently, not the groundlings who make up the rest of the world (and pay your wages).


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