YouTube names top UK Christmas ads – so far

YouTube has revealed its ‘leader board’ of the top 15 UK Christmas ads to date (no numbers as they’re changing all the time) and it reads thus (length of the commercial in question is included too as there are several versions of some of them).


YouTube’s top 15 Christmas ads

1/John Lewis Christmas Advert 2014 – #MontyThePenguin 2:11

2/Sainsbury’s OFFICIAL Christmas 2014 Ad 3:41

3/Burberry “From London with Love” Starring Romeo Beckham 4:18

4/Marks & Spencer Christmas Advert 2014 #FollowTheFairies 1:41

5/Boots Extended Christmas TV Advert 2014 #SpecialBecause 2:01

6/Argos Christmas Advert 2014: Get Set For Advent 1:01

7/Toys R Us Christmas TV Advert 2014 0:21

8/Mulberry #WinChristmas 1:44

9/Tesco Christmas Advert 2014 – Lights on 1:11

10/Debenhams Christmas TV Advert 2014 Found It! 1:11

11/Tescolifestyle What would the world’s biggest toy shop look like? 0:58

12/Tesco Christmas 2014 – The Wigan Light Show 2:06

13/Waitrose Christmas Advert 2014 The Gingerbread Stall 1:46

14/Waitrose Donate Your Voice 0:31

15/ Choose A Christmas Less Ordinary 1:04

And they’re all here (at least I think they are):

What to say? We didn’t like Burberry and young Romeo very much but the public seem to while Tesco and Wieden+Kennedy will be pleased with three entries. Some advertisers (Burberry, Sainsbury’s, John Lewis) went for one blockbuster, others (like Tesco and Waitrose) spread the load. Both strategies seem to have worked. Toys R’Us’ modest 21 seconds seems to have worked in spades.

And the good (bad) news is: there’s more to come!

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