Grey offers up more animal magic for McVitie’s

Everybody knows that the internet, most notably YouTube, loves kittens and biscuit maker McVitie’s, courtesy of agency Grey London, is taking the obsession with young, mostly furry, animals several stages further in its current campaign.

Here’s the latest, for Christmas, featuring a veritable menagerie.

What can you say? It is, sadly perhaps, a brilliant way of gaining loads of attention for quite a small brand.

Grey has transformed itself in London, much as it has in New York, into a happening agency – not something anyone would have anticipated a few years ago. Grey London’s most lauded campaign is its outstanding work for the Sunday Times which, largely thanks to its successful paywall strategy, is making a profit – well an ‘operating’ profit – for the first time in years.

Grey’s work surely has much to do with this unexpected success too and it’s certainly one of the leading candidates for UK Agency of the Year.

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