Wieden+Kennedy’s Neil Christie: the best ads of 2014

Christie is adamantWe’re asking people to choose the best ads of 2014 and here’s a selection from Wieden+Kennedy London managing director Neil Christie (left).

The Best Ads of 2014

Five ads from 2014 that make me jealous. None of these is wildly innovative but, more important than that, each of them moves me.


Ikea: Beds
Life, dreams, death and bed. This one leapt out of the ad break and enthralled me. Lovely stuff.


John Lewis: Monty The Penguin

They smashed Christmas, again. Damn them. No, I’m fine, just a bit of dust in my eye.


HBO GO: Your Body

A hilarious way to demonstrate a product benefit. Very nicely done.


Always: Like a Girl
Arguably somewhat manipulative but extremely powerful and thought-provoking, in my opinion.


Fit’s Link gum: Giant Cat Madness
Everything about this is insane and brilliant, from the song, to the cat, to the geeky commuter hero. I don’t understand it but I bloody love it.

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