Rule change lets VIP ‘vape’ on UK TV – pity they’ve forgotten how to make decent ads

VIP e-cigarettes has whipped up a storm as it’s the first UK ad in the UK to show smoking – ‘vaping’ in its case – since 1965, following a change in the rules.

It’s harmless enough, despite the sultry ‘vaper,’ but why change the rules? The point about e-cigarettes is that they’re supposed to ween smokers off tobacco. So these people, by definition, know how to smoke. The only people who don’t are those who never have, like kids. Is it OK to recruit them now? Bizarre.

The ‘lady’ in question made an appearance for VIP back in March, when she seemed to be thinking about putting something else in her mouth.

Back in the 1960s everybody was doing it:

Back in the 1970s you could still advertise cigarettes in the cinema.

Written by Paul Weiland for CDP. Happy Days.

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