18 Feet’s Jonathan Trimble: the best ads of 2014

JonathanJonathan Trimble is CEO of London creative agency 18 Feet & Rising, which he co-founded in 2010. He is a former head of account management at DDB London and a group director of Fallon. In 2012 18 Feet launched in Sydney.

The best ads of 2014

Aaaaaargh, no more emotional atom bombs this Christmas please. Have we become so disconnected that we rely on advertising to remind us that we can feel something? I hope the aftermath leaves room for UK advertising to get its punk back on. With this in mind, my favourite ads this year are not from the UK and not from Christmas, well nearly.

Gap is back. The clothes aren’t as cool as H&M but I want to dress more normal after seeing these. This work is connecting and static free and reminds agencies and clients – not for the first time – not to over-think everything.


The san-pro category has got over itself and whilst adland has fussed over Always, this spot leaves them for dirt. HelloFlo shows brands can be built online using all the classic techniques. It’s not digital. It’s not analogue. It’s quantum.


Echoing the mother daughter twist of HelloFlo, is my third favourite – Old Spice – which may cause boys to become men, girls to become girlfriends and mums to become sad. The direction is sharp, like ouch, and shows just how syrupy and milky everything here has become. Thank you Old Spice for being more than just an ironic relaunch.


Kmart killed it in 2013 with ‘Ship My Pants’ showing that it is totally possible to, well, laugh and not just cry. So, if you want to do a Christmas ad do this.


Or in a single hit poster, this from House of Fraser (and us).


And finally, if you do want to do ‘emotional’, this is hands down how you do it.

Thai Life Insurance.

Have a great Christmas.

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