Now Dove brings the generations together in new Ogilvy Paris ‘Legacy’ film

Unilever’s Dove, a beauty product in case you’ve forgotten, is continuing its journey into the depths of the female psyche with a new film, ‘Legacy,’ from Ogilvy Paris.

This one has mums and daughters talking about the body parts they like and the ones they don’t.

Well, what to say?

Dove director of marketing Jennifer Bremner says:”Whether a mother, aunt, coach, teacher or sister, all women can set a positive example for the next generation by expressing their own beauty with confidence.

“Dove has long been dedicated to fostering positive self-esteem in women and girls, and we invite all women to join us in making a difference to the next generation by ensuring their own beauty legacy is a positive one.”

And Dove, naturally, is supporting the 5th Annual Self-Esteem Weekend which kicks off at the United Nations on October 9.

My colleague Matt Williams writes today about a new survey that says Millennials (a bit younger than the Dove target market maybe) respond to brands that show a conscience/transparency.

Ahah – so that’s what Dove’s up to then…

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