Leagas Delaney tells the Penfolds wine story by numbers in new global campaign

Aussie winemaker Penfolds is trying to rewrite the rules of wine advertising (can you remember any wine advertising over the last 20 years?) with a new global campaign,’Numbers Can Be Extraordinary,’ from Leagas Delaney.

Among them is the number 60, celebrating 60 consecutive years of declared vintages for its flagship Penfolds Grange, still probably Australia’s most celebrated wine. The campaign positions Penfolds firmly in the ‘luxury’ category.

The campaign will run globally in print, digital and posters with particular emphasis on Australasia, the UK, America and Asia. Languages used include German and Mandarin as well as English. It was shot by French photographer Maud Remy Lonvis.

Penfolds CMO Simon Marton says: “Numbers are at the heart of our wines and Penfolds make certain numbers mean something extraordinary. The quality and magic of Penfolds is evoked through numbers and we are using numbers as the code to unlock the stories behind the brand.”

Very nice too. There’s no need to send a case Simon, a couple of bottles will do.

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